Our renewable natural gas (RNG) facility located in Stanfield, Arizona, currently operates six anaerobic digesters processing local dairy manure and food waste into renewable natural gas. The RNG is set to a natural gas pipeline and transported to California for use in the transportation sector. The Stanfield RNG facility is on the forefront of renewable natural gas production, and is a remarkable example of technical innovation using massive amounts of agricultural and food waste to produce clean renewable energy.

Stanfield RNG control room

From inside our operations room, we monitor over 1500 individual sensors to ensure that every piece of the facility is working correctly. Everything from manure intake, digestion, gas upgrading, compression and gas quality is thoroughly checked before we put it on the national pipeline.

bacterial colony testing

Inside the digesters live bacterial colonies. They must be constantly monitored to remain healthy. We continuously run lab tests to ensure the colonies are thriving and have the best environment to produce the greatest amount of RNG.

cow manure digester

The facility imports various feedstocks, the majority of which is cow manure from local dairies. After manure moves through the anaerobic digestion process, it heads to a fiber separation area where we separate the solid fiber from the liquid effluent. The extracted fiber can be used as fertilizer and the liquid effluent can be used as irrigation water to grow crops to feed the dairy cows.

Stanfield RNG facility

Food waste is an excellent source of methane. We take in more than 50,000 gallons of food waste every day. The food waste is processed in its own digester to produce RNG.

Anaerobic Digestion

With anaerobic digestion, bacteria digest the organic material in food waste and dairy manure in an oxygen free environment and produces methane during the proses. In addition to methane the digestion process also produces some other gases including carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. We process this raw biogas into RNG which contains 99% renewable methane.

The RNG is then injected into a natural gas pipeline and can be used for all the applications currently using natural gas. RNG is a drop in replacement for traditional natural gas.

The process of anaerobic digestion doesn't just benefit us in terms of energy generation. It also offers a sustainable solution to waste management. By utilizing organic waste such as manure and food scraps, we not only divert these materials from landfills but also harness their potential as a renewable energy source. Moreover, by transitioning from traditional fossil fuels to renewable natural gas, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

injector site
biodigesters overhead

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