Leading the Charge to a Renewable Future

Suburban Renewables builds off the well-established legacy of Suburban Propane, as a trusted and reliable provider of energy and exceptional customer service. Suburban Renewables leads the way to a renewable energy future that provides value to our customers, unitholders, employees, and the communities we serve, and ensures we thrive in a carbon constrained world.

Advancing the significant air quality and climate benefits of traditional propane, while making continued investments in the next generation of even cleaner and lower carbon renewable energy sources through our new subsidiary, Suburban Renewables.

Michael Stivala Suburban Propane CEO

Michael Stivala | President & CEO

Suburban Renewables houses our existing family of renewable assets:

It leads our long-term strategic growth and diversification efforts to identify new areas of investment, strategic partnerships, and collaborations within the renewable energy space.
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California-based Oberon Fuels produces a range of ultra-low-carbon or carbon-negative fuels that are practical, economical, and sustainable, and is the only domestic producer of renewable dimethyl ether ("rDME").

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Based in Ashburn, Virginia, Independence Hydrogen, Inc. (“IH”) is a pioneer in the American hydrogen economy, developing a gaseous production, storage, and distribution network to deliver affordable, fuel cell grade hydrogen at a lower carbon intensity than liquid alternatives.

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Through the construction of dairy digesters that convert waste to create renewable natural gas, SuburbanRNG leads the way toward a more renewable future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Everyday economic and human activity releases methane into the atmosphere as it decomposes. Converting it to RNG solves the issue and creates a reliable source of energy.

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