Located in Columbus, Ohio, our state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facility represents the cutting edge of renewable energy technology. Operating as a complete mix thermophilic digester, this facility is a testament to our commitment to sustainable innovation.

Columbus RNG Facility Truck

Our facility processes up to 100,000 tons of biosolids a year, from both local municipal waste and leading food and beverage producers. Here is where the trucks deliver the waste and the transformation process begins.

Columbus RNG Digesters

Upon arrival at our Columbus facility, the conversion journey of waste and biosolids into renewable energy truly begins. As these materials are offloaded, they are ushered into the heart of our complete mix thermophilic digester—a marvel of modern engineering designed for sustainability and efficiency.

Columbus RNG facility digesters

Inside the digester, the biosolids enter a highly controlled thermophilic environment, where temperatures range between 120 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat reduces pathogens and creates the perfect condition for thermophilic microbes to thrive. As these microorganisms consume the organic matter, they generate biogas—a potent mix of methane and carbon dioxide.

Columbus RNG overhead view

As the biosolids break down, the digester does more than manage waste, it transforms these materials into valuable biogas, capturing the energy stored in organic waste.—turning what was once waste into a resource that powers our future.

Columbus RNG Facility

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